In golf, we start on the tee box and try to strike  the ball, sending it down the fairway,  while av


In golf, we start on the tee box and try to strike  the ball, sending it down the fairway,  while avoiding the obstacles in front of us such as trees, water or sand.  The object of the game is to take as few storkes as possible to get the ball in the hole on the green.  

Reading and practising golf lesson online once or twice is not enough to make you a good player.  You will have to read and practise as many times as you can until you ca do them all without thinking.  Once you have a good understanding of the basics, you will get better as you continune to read and practice.

Keep reading  The swing, The Posture, The Alignment, and The Grip until you understand.  Then, practice.  Repeat until you can do it.  Then take a lesson.




Golf swing is a circular motion. It can be described as a big wheel spinning.  You are trying to create a motion.  You must stay relaxed and allow your body to move naturally.  

The backswing and forward swing are mirror images of each other.  You only need to swing your arms up, in doing so your body moves with them.  There is no extra effort applied on the forward swing. It is simply a reaction to your backswing.

There is only one golf swing.  To play various shots you either lengthen or shorten the swing.  Putting is the shortest stroke, followed by chipping, pitchng, and fullswing.




To make correct golf swing, you must understand how to line up playing shot.  There are three paralleled lines in golf.  One line is the target line, line the ball to travel along.  Second line parallel to target line is toe line.  Third line parallel to target line is shoulder line.  

Remember, It is the club that strikes the ball, not you.  Therefore, the clubface must be perpendicular to your target line.  You must position yourself so that your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are all parallel to your target line.




To strike the ball you must be in an athletic position.  Its a position from which you can create motion.  

To be able to create motion you must keep your back straight and bend forward from your hip until your weight moves towards the balls of your feet. 

Your feet should be positioned a comfortable distance like shoulder width.  You must bow forward just enough so that your arms can hang from your shoulders.  You should not have to reach for the ball.




Your grip should be the same with your all clubs.  Hold the club very lightly.  Position the club in both hands so that it rests where your fingers meet your hands.  

As you are doing this, pay particular attention to the clubface.  it should be facing the target with bottom line or leading edge of the clubhead positioned perpendicular to your target line.  

Your palms facing each other.  There is a "V" formed  by the thumb and index finger of each hand.  Position your hand so that the "V's" point between our chin and non-target shoulder.  

You may use ten either a ten finger grip or an overlapping grip or an interlocking grip.  To overlap, position the little finger of your non-target hand in between the index finger and middle finger of your target hand.

To interlock, interlock little finger of non-target hand with index finger of your target hand.




You must count every swing; add in any penalty strokes and all misses.  Your score on the hole is the total of your strokes.  Your score for the round is the total of each holes.

Woods are used for tee shots and long fairway shots.

Irons are used for mid-length shots and shots into green.

Putters are used to roll the ball on the green.